Couples Counselling

If you and your partner are curious about couples therapy, contact Kev for a free consultation. Kevin has successfully worked through a number of issues with couples such as; previous abusive behaviours, cheating, infertility, sexual problems, communication breakdown, household duties, childcare and more. Some come following a separation in order to communicate more calmly and effectively for all concerned linked to the separation.

Common issues addressed in couples counselling are: 

• Abusive behaviours 

• Past relationships

• Communication issues

• Infidelity

• Loss or differences in sexual desire

• The impact of children on the relationship

• Attachment issues

• Separation / Divorce

• Getting engaged

• The impact of various changes in the relationship

Kevin Successfully completed IACP accredited couples counselling training at The Irish Institute of Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy. This included emotionally focused therapy, Gottmans, choice theory and pluralistic.

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